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Use the On-Line Application or to submit the application in plain text format, save it to your computer, fill in the blanks, and then attach it to an email to  or print the application, fill in the blanks, then mail it to:
Dana Johnson, No. CA Doberman Rescue
P.O. Box 8310 Red Bluff, CA 96080

Elvira, Elvira, Elvira..... like the Oak Ridge Boys...
my heart's on fire for Elvira. 
(apologies to those who don’t like Country Music)

We can't wait to have her safely here at No. CA Doberman Rescue and ultimately into a new loving family.

You see, this sweet young Dobergirl was lost and on the streets in a California town and had been struck by a car. The Police Department came to her aid and delivered her to the loving care provided by Princevalle Pet Hospital. They discovered her left rear leg was broken. The staff were smitten by both her sweet personality and her obvious appreciation for the pampering she was receiving while their guest.
Unfortunately, no owner came to claim her and it looked like her fate would be a trip to the Rainbow Bridge, but in the nick of time I managed to connect with the clinic and gave them my word that her surgery expenses would be covered. I next contacted Special Needs Dobermans to set up a case for Elvira and hopefully our generous friends will once again come through with donations to cover the surgery expenses.
Within hours she was in surgery and although a bit more complicated than originally anticipated, she came through with flying colors and is already making brief trips outside for potty breaks and meals. That awkward catheter has already been removed.

She will stay at the clinic for five days, and then continue to recover at posh Cottage Kennel in the Bay Area. After 6 to 8 weeks she will need another surgery to remove the pin. It hasn't been determined yet if that will mean a trip back to the clinic or if it can be taken care of here in Red Bluff. Either way, the end result will be a bit over $2000 to cover both surgeries. Her boarding kennel expenses have already been guaranteed by Angel Ann.

Please help us cover these leg-saving surgical expenses with your tax deductible donation to Elvira through Special Needs Dobermans.  You can use PayPal, mail a check, or use a credit card to SND and simply state your contribution is for Elvira. Instructions can be found at these sites. 

Thank you everyone, for your donations and helping us guarantee that Elvira will enjoy a long and happy life.
Dana Johnson
No. CA Doberman Rescue